Today’s card was drawn from the Psycards deck… I’m not sure what these cards are, they’re intended for divination but they are not Tarot cards, oracle or Lenormand cards. I guess they’re just Fortune telling cards and you have to use your own intuition about what the cards mean. There’s no guide really, for example one of the cards is called ‘Destruction’ and the description simply says ‘Ruin’ I’m sure that’d be classed as a synonym rather than a description.

The stars have fascinated humans for thousands of years. They bring to mind far-away planets and an infinite amount of opportunities to find new worlds and possibly even intelligent life. The stars represent the heavens! they were even mapped out for the purpose of divination. They are mysterious and thought of as a figurative place for us to aim. We’re told to ‘Reach for the stars’ and yet so very few actually do that. Don’t go for the ordinary, don’t settle for a life that has been lived over and over. Don’t fear failure or loss, do something different and strive for greatness!

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