I’ve realised something recently, I really don’t like selling things on Etsy or eBay or any other online selling platform. There are a couple of reasons why they’re not for me, firstly they take large percentages of your earned income. Sites like Etsy also charge a listing fee. Not only that but Etsy requires you to pay for your listing to be advertised, otherwise you can pretty much guarantee you won’t make a sale. The most important reason though, and I’m saying this as a Tarot reader, it’s so impersonal and cold!

I hate that on these online market places, the only time you’d ever really contact the seller is if you have a problem. Usually the communications are done through public reviews and the problem with these reviews is that the customer is often wrong! I’ll give you an example, I saw someone complain that a dog collar didn’t fit her little chihuahua. When I checked the listing, the title was ‘large Dog Collar’ in the description it explained the sizes and what dogs it was suitable for. The seller did therefore not deserve a bad review because a customer was too impulsive to read the title correctly.

There are also plenty of examples of sellers tricking their customers into buying inferior products. I recently bought a hammock for my pet rats on eBay and when it arrived it was smaller than the palm of my hand. I re-checked the listing and within it’s title it did say ‘Suitable for rats and ferrets’ so I got scammed there!

When it comes to supporting small businesses, a lot of people think that means they should start buying from sellers on Etsy and/or if you’re in the UK from a website called Numonday. There’s nothing wrong with buying from these places but I’ve found if you want something personal and closer to actually visiting a little shop down a side street somewhere, you’re better going on the website of a small business and purchasing directly from there. You tend to find that you’re less likely to get scammed this way too. It seems like it’d be the other way round but it really isn’t.

I still have an Etsy but I will get rid of it when my listings run out so if you want a Tarot reading, I’d rather you get it from me directly. By doing this you get a much more personal experience because it can be tailor made and discussed beforehand so that you get what you’re looking for rather than a generic 5 card reading that you’d purchase on Etsy.

Another update is that I may end up posting less but this doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned the blog, it is simply because I’ve had a lot of stuff going on. It’s all small stuff but it adds up and so I’ve been busy with other things. The UK lockdown should come to an end soon too and when gigs start again, it basically means I’ll be going back to work doing tours and shows, writing and recording etc so I may post even less come summer time. Am I being too optimistic?

I’ve also been struggling with the fact I have Facebook and Instagram accounts. I don’t want to die and find my soul belongs to Mark Zuckerberg haha. The ‘Daily card’ posts were actually for Instagram but I also posted them here. If I end up deleting my Instagram page then I may do less ‘Daily card’ posts and more posts about the paranormal and posts about Tarot reading and Tarot spreads.

There’s a way to turn blog posts into podcasts now with WordPress which got me thinking whether or not I should have a podcast. I’d quite enjoy discussing my ghost hunting experiences with my sister or telling you some spooky stories from Lincolnshire.. I dunno, it’s just a thought. Let me know what you think.


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  1. Hey. Yeah, do it!
    That ain’t no rabbit bed, no rat bed, neither. Might make a cool rat corset?
    When the band gets back together we should try do some gigs? NEast/NWest.

    Hope this finds you well x

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  2. I think it’s about discovering which platforms work for you. Sometimes this involves trial an error. As for paying to list stuff, that’s a gamble too. There is also the time cost. There are numerous podcast platforms also, and you don’t necessarily have to use only one.

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  3. I am curious to find out what blog platform you happen to be using? I’m having some small security problems with my latest site and I would like to find something more secure. Do you have any suggestions?


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