You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, this isn’t due to any big reason but rather lots of small ones. I keep pet rats and one of them has been very unwell so I’ve been back and fourth at the vets, I’m having my own problems with dental issues at the moment too. To top it off there’s an issue with our boiler and although I thought I’d initially fixed it by increasing the pressure, it now goes from 1 when the heating is off to 3 on the pressure gauge when it’s on. Grrr.. Just lots of problems that add up.. Anyway I’ve decided to do another ‘Pick a card’

Look at the cards below and the corresponding stones and let your intuition choose a card. Once you’ve mentally selected a card, scroll down for the reveal and the interpretations.

Card 1 – If you’ve been finding that you are full of exciting new ideas then this is great news! however is there a chance that you’re missing out on other big opportunities? You’re so wrapped up in doing the things you’re passionate about that you can’t see any other way of finding happiness. There are other more fulfilling and lucrative options but you’re unwilling to see them. You’d much prefer to nurture that project that gets you motivated. It’s the thing you think about first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Are you wrong to go down this road? No, but it’s not necessarily the best option for you.

2 – remember the good old days when you were a kid and things were simple? There was right and wrong, good and evil and none of that inbetween grey area. Sadly life isn’t as simple as that, there are many levels in between everything. You’ve been guilty of looking at things in a black and white fashion, almost like you want to categorise everything to make your life easier. You have your friends and your enemies, there are truth and there are lies however you are wrong to judge so quickly. Some people who seem to be bad have some good in them and most importantly remember that some lies have some truth in them.

3 – The Hermit is thought of as a sign to retreat and take time out. This is often the case but this is the Deviant Moon deck and things aren’t always what they seem. This time, this card represents you. You are different from the others, you have often felt left out and like you’re not a part of anything. You’ve always chosen you’re own path. You’re not afraid to show the real you and express your thoughts and opinions even if they’re controversial. It is important to acknowledge the fact that although you feel like an alien, you are human and humans enjoy companionship. It’s time to get out of your shell and reach out to others a little more. Have a conversation and even engage in a bit of small talk. Sometimes it’s fun to pretend to be normal, just for a little while.

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    1. Well not completely, I’ve just bought some more rats to to keep the other rat company as her sister died a few months ago but one of them has breathing problems, so more vet visits! It’s getting warmer so the boiler isn’t so much of a problem, it works for hot water which is fine. My tooth has a temporary filling which will do for now. I hope to post on a weekly basis at least 😊

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    1. I’ll be completely honest, I don’t really know much about crystals 😮 I just use them in pictures because they’re pretty. I used to collect stones as a kid so you’d think I’d know but I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned haha.

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    1. Haha yeah they’re like mini dogs to me, I know people generally don’t like rats but they really do make great pets.
      The boiler is okay for hot water which is the most important thing since we’re approaching spring time and I probably won’t use it for the central heating anymore.

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