Instead of a daily card, I’ve decided to do a ‘pick a card’ although you get two cards for the price of one 😛 You get a ‘Tarot Mucha’ card and a ‘Devil’s Acre Lenormand’ Card.

Look at the different piles and try to focus on what you’d like to know, then select either 1, 2 or 3. Scroll down for your mini reading!

1 – You’ve been thinking about your past a lot recently. It’s not that you wish you could have done things differently, rather you wish you could go back to happier times. Things are rather boring and monotonous at the moment and you have a tendency to fantasise. What you may not realise is that you’re romanticising the past. You’re annoyed at the present time and so you’re getting nostalgic. You need to start making things happen now! you need to make memories so that your future self can look back at the magic you create now.

2 – You’ve learned a lot these past few months. One of the main things you’ve learned is how to handle your emotions better. You feel more emotionally mature and you’re ready to leave old habits behind. You’re done with being taken advantage of and you can’t keep living for other people. you’re an intelligent person who thinks too deeply sometimes but from now on, you’re not going to overthink everything, you’re gonna live for the moment and think about what you need and what you want. You’ve learned how to deal with pain and negative emotions, this year you need to learn how to be happy.

3 – Wow! I feel bad for anyone who picked 3. Both cards represent deceit and betrayal. Either you’ve done something that has betrayed someone or someone has betrayed you. It is likely that the deceit has not been found out yet. If you’re the one who has done something wrong, you need to own up and admit your mistake. The temptation to run away or bury your head in the sand may be strong but this isn’t the time to be selfish. If it is a case of someone else betraying you, then this person will come clean with you soon. Try to look at it from their point of view, they didn’t do this to hurt you.


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