Today’s card was drawn from the Mucha Tarot deck. The card is pictured with my new doll who I’ve decided to call Heloise, a name which was suggested by Dracul Van Helsing

People often associate the suit of pentacles with money and career but that isn’t always the case. For me the current meaning of this card relates to health. You’ve been concerned about your health and you know you need to make some lifestyle changes. You’ve spent a long time enjoying life and maybe going over board with the fun, but through doing that you’ve neglected your health.

You’ve been making small improvements over the years but maybe it’s time to focus on an important one, your diet! in my case it’s been over 6 months since I last had a cigarette, which is great! but I need to make another major change and start eating more healthy foods instead of pizza and cheese sandwiches every day.

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