For those who don’t know about Lincoln, it is an old cathedral city in the East Midlands. It actually has remains of buildings from the Iron Age.. that’s how old it is :O It is known for its historical buildings including Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral.

There is a street called ‘Steep Hill’ which leads to the entrance to the cathedral. It is well known for its jettied, half timbered houses and a house called ‘Jew’s House’ which is one of the oldest extant town houses in England.

Steep Hill is known for something else too, it is quite haunted! I’m going to focus on one particular ghost though, his name is Humphrey.

Humphrey is the ghost of a little boy who has actually been on TV before. He was a prominent feature on an episode of ‘Most Haunted’ when he communicated with the late medium Derek Acorah. In fact Humphrey certainly likes to make his presence known. it is believed that if you ignore his antics, he will go to great lengths to make you pay attention to him.

He is a mischievous little ghost who enjoys moving things around and making lots of noise. He mostly resides in a restaurant called ‘Brown’s Pie Shop’. The restaurant and pie shop is in a 17th century building located at 33 Steep Hill.

A view of Brown’s Restaurant and Pie Shop

Humphrey seems to especially enjoy tormenting chefs. This is possibly due to the fact that the chef is often alone in the building for at least an hour before the start of a shift. One story is of a chef who claimed he heard what sounded like someone running around the building. He went to investigate but found no one. When he returned to the kitchen, all of the plates and pans had been moved about. The chef had heard stories about the famous little boy ghost and so he said the words ‘Don’t mind me Humphrey’ and the activity died down for the day.

He decided that to make things run smoothly, he would acknowledge this mischievous ghost each day by at the very least uttering his name ‘Humphrey’

On one occasion, he forgot to acknowledge his ghost friend due to it being very busy and at one point during the service, he returned to the kitchen to find that not only were the pots and pans strewn about the kitchen, but a carving knife had been stabbed into the wooden floor.

From that incident and numerous others, it was very clear that if Humphrey wants to play with you, then you must play back, otherwise you should expect a tantrum.

He has mainly been heard and sighted in the cellar where diners can eat their meals in a warmly lit room with an arched ceiling. It is in this area of the building that one woman repeatedly saw a little boy running around the tables. She had been expecting to dine in the cellar alone and when she asked the staff to remove the irritating child, they had to inform her that there were no children in the building… no living children anyway!

The cellar part of the restaurant

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14 thoughts

  1. good! I hope it put her right off her dinner! what a misery!

    humphreys are known to be mischievous. i think it comes with the name. do you remember the ad on tv; ‘watch out, watch out, there’s a humphrey about’? well, he was another one!

    i saw derek acorah once. he wore an extraordinary silver-grey suit that made him appear to be either from the past or the future. this is before he passed away. it was a good show. he seemed to cast a spell on everyone there, except for 2 blokes nattering away imagining themselves down the wetherspoons instead of the custom house in south shields. acorah pretended they weren’t there (a feat in itself) but after a while the medium had another message come through and he pointed straight at one of the blokes. “does the name dorin mean anything to you.” *spotlight* he clowned it up for a bit, but when pressed, he said, no. no he didn’t. “oh, perhaps it’s for someone else” says acorah. and that was that. he just carries on with another message for someone else. but a little later he clicks his fingers and, pointing to the bloke again, says. “not dorin. doris.” the blokes pipe down *spotlight* and one of them says quietly, that, yeah, doris was my mum’s name. “ah. well, she’s none too pleased with you. she says to be careful with your liver.” not another peep. ace.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah Hunphrey does seem to be the name given to mischievous kids.
      Fantastic story about Derek Acorah 😀 sadly I didn’t get to see him at one of his live shows but I enjoyed watching him on Most Haunted. I knew that his frequent possessions were put on, but it was entertaining. I think he did believe he had genuine psychic and mediumship abilities but the pressure of being entertaining on TV probably made him feel that he had to put on a show.

      Liked by 1 person

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