Today we have another card drawn from the Deviant Moon Tarot deck. I’ve been enjoying getting to know this deck and understanding the imagery better so I will probably draw another one from this deck tomorrow and then I’ll move onto another deck.. before inevitably returning to this deck again very soon 😛

This is a special Daily Card post because I had someone in mind when I drew this card. Today is the birthday of my blogger friend Bruce Hodder, go check out his website which features news and articles about comic books and gaming. Happy Birthday Bruce! I don’t know if this card will apply to you, I hope at the very least that the positive side of this card resonates.

Traditionally the Queen Of Pentacles represents a warm and giving woman (or man sometimes) She is a person who brings stability and comfort to those close to her. In this particular deck however, a lot of the cards have sinister undertones. If you look closely, you’ll notice what could be horns sticking out of her head, like she’s some kind of demon or devil woman. The little people around her look a little depressed or unwell.

What I see in this card is that it represents the safety of home life and the comfort you get from a mother or a protective person, but it also highlights the downsides of family life which can be petty squabbling and neglectful behaviour. The message here is to appreciate your family, don’t neglect them or argue for the sake of arguing. Today you will feel closer to your family than you did in previous days, try to maintain that.

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