I’ve drawn many cards from the Deviant Moon deck but this is the first one of 2021 that I’ve posted about.

I always think of this card as being a reminder that you should never feel content with your circumstances. Life is full of changes, some of them bad and others good. You may have good fortune but can you guarantee that it will last? Even if some areas of your life are good, some areas need work and you may lose what you already have in the pursuit of what you don’t have.

It’s sad but the human condition is quite painful, we’re never truly safe or content because things keep moving and changing. As you adjust to your new love life, your love walks out the door. As you get to grips with a new job, you’re made redundant. Even if your life seems simple and mundane, you will experience change at some point. The one that gets us all is age.. Just as you’re getting used to being an adult, you suddenly find you’re classed as old. Change can sneak up on you!

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