I often like to come up with my own Tarot spreads. I do this for two reasons, the main one being that I often find that the kind of Tarot spread I want to do doesn’t already exist. Sometimes I find a Tarot spread that’s similar to what I have in mind, but it will have extra cards that don’t add much.

The second reason is that I like a spread to be personal to me or the person I’m reading for. Those who have had a reading from me will know that I like to create my own spread that works for what they’re asking about. Many Tarot readers stick to more traditional spreads or they even look online for a spread that fits. I much prefer to think about the person and what answers they’re looking for before creating my own spread.

There’s no wrong way to read the Tarot. You can invent spreads or use other people’s spreads. You can do whatever you like. I am no better or worse than another reader because I create spreads, it’s just something I like to do!

I of course can’t share the Tarot spreads I have created for my clients, but I can share spreads that I have used on myself. Here is my new year’s spread for any Tarot readers out there who want a quick spread to do for the upcoming year.

Card Position Meanings

Card 1 – The Year Gone by

Card 2 – What I Learned from the Previous Year

Card 3 – Career Outlook for 2021

Card 4 – Love Life in 2021

Card 5 – Overall Financial situation for 2021

Card 6 – Obstacles I will face

Card 7 – What I will Learn from 2021

Detailed Explanations

The first card represents you and your behaviour during the previous year. The card should sum up the year in a succinct way. I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘The Tower’ or the ‘Ten of Swords’ appeared in this position unless you actually had a good 2020.

The second card is about what you’ve learned from the previous year (2020) You may have learned a lot during that year but this card should focus on the main lesson. It will be personal to you and should be thought of as an overall lesson that will enable you to move forward in this new year.

The third card moves us straight into 2021. I decided to forget about transition cards, you want to get to the good stuff! This card is of course about your career and where it is going. You should look at this card along with the second card to see if there’s anything that you’ve learned from the previous year that may be influencing your career outcome. Again this card should summarise your career, you may not be able to get a lot of detail from just one card and so you might want to draw another card for more clarity. If your career is of little interest to you or you don’t have a career then feel free to skip this card.

The fourth card represents your love life in 2021. As with the career card, you can choose to skip this card or if you want more clarity, you can pick two cards to give you a more detailed reading of your love life. This card or cards should give you insight into where your love life will take you, it should tell you what will change and what will stay the same. If something interesting comes out here like the ‘Two of Cups’ or ‘The Lovers’ and you’re not in a relationship, you might want to consider doing a ‘Love Tarot Spread’ once you’ve finished the ‘New Year’ spread

The fifth card represents your future financial situation. It will not give you a completely detailed answer but you will definitely find out if you will be prosperous or not this year. You should look at this card along with the third card (maybe even the fourth card in rare cases) to judge whether or not this card/s will influence your financial situation.

The sixth card is an important one because it will show you an obstacle, something that will throw a spanner in the works and possibly ruin your plans. You need to be prepared for any problems that will arise this year so pay close attention to this card. Look at this card along with all of the previous cards. Try to figure out if maybe you’ll end up repeating the same mistakes you made in the previous year, or maybe the love card will shed some light as to why this card has appeared. There is a small chance you will have no obstacles next year, if you think that’s the case then you still might want to look at the previous cards to determine the reason for your success.

Remember that the future is not set in stone and it can be changed. You’re doing this reading to find out what may happen so that you can have the knowledge and the tools to create the best future you can.

The final card is a little like the first card, it will tell you what you will learn from this year (2021) It is almost like an outcome card and it may also help you to understand how the obstacle shown on the previous card will affect you. It should highlight the most important part of this coming year and give you a clear prediction as to what this year will be about for you.

If you’re interested in what lies ahead this year but you don’t have a Tarot deck or you don’t feel comfortable performing your own Tarot reading, then consider purchasing one from an experienced reader, be that me or any other Tarot reader you know. There’s never been a more perfect time to better understand your future.

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