Today’s card is from the Deviant Moon Tarot deck.

Perhaps today is the right day to think about what you have and what you’ve achieved this year. It may have been one of the strangest years so far in our lifetimes but I’ve seen small online businesses take off, people discovering new hobbies and people saving money from not being able to go out. There are always positives in everything! For those who have been lucky this year and for those who actually benefitted from it, today is your day! You can look back at this year and be proud of yourself for making it through such a difficult year. For those who lost money, lost business and lost their purpose (sadly that’s me) remember that the journey isn’t over yet, there is still hope.

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      1. Yeah I was the same, I just had the Rider Waite deck and I thought I’d never get another deck haha.

        It’s true that drawing a card a day can be really interesting. You can learn more about yourself and it can guide you on what to focus on that day. I’ve been doing it a lot lately to try to get to grips with this new deck ๐Ÿ˜€

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