I received a new Tarot deck for Christmas 😁 It’s one that I’ve wanted to get for a while now but I never got round to it. It was my sister who bought me it. A Tarot deck that has been gifted to you is supposedly more powerful.. I’m not sure if to believe in that superstition, but it’s certainly special. I’m talking about the Deviant Moon deck.

Here it is! The first card I drew from my newest deck. It’s the Strength card. Today you may find that you are able to confront one of your fears and conquer it. Maybe you’ve been putting off telling someone what you really think of them or maybe you’ve been too afraid to tell a member of your household that they do certain things that irritate you. Why are you afraid to tell people when they’ve annoyed you? I’ll tell you why, it’s because you don’t like conflict, you fear it could escalate, but most importantly you fear that they’ll bite back with something you don’t want to hear. Your ego is too fragile and so you have accepted other people’s behaviours because it was easier for you. Today, all of that will change. You have begun to value yourself and your needs, it’s time to ignore your fears of confrontation and get everything off your chest before you explode.

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