I’ve not posted online much recently because I’ve fallen into having a pretty mad sleeping pattern. Today though, I’m less tired so I’m posting today’s card. I actually picked this card a couple of days ago and in a way it did apply to my life, although I’ve not been ill, just tired.

Whether you’re physically unwell or mentally unwell, today might be a good day to take some time out of your busy schedule to rest. Even if you don’t consider your ailments to be serious, they could easily become serious if you don’t allow your mind and body to rest and recover. Wrap up warm and watch a happy film or TV show, preferable one that you enjoyed as a kid.

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  1. I read this on Christmas morning and had to chuckle. No rest for me today! But I did rest yesterday.
    Today is Christmas, and I’m doing dinner for thirteen. A “Grab-n-Go” dinner.
    There will be turkey on my patio along with potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. Cranberries will be the only side. A plate of brownies. There will be a stack of sturdy, paper plates, a roll of aluminum foil, and napkins.
    I will step outside, masked, and have a brief, safely-distanced chat with friends as they come and go. Or if it’s too chilly, I’ll wave through the window.
    And I’m delivering a dinner to a home bound friend.
    There oughta be some leftovers so I can make a big post of turkey soup!
    Merry Christmas!

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      1. I’m glad to hear it 😊 I had a great Christmas too. In certain areas in the UK, people were allowed to visit friends and family on Christmas day and I was luckily in one of those areas.

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