Today’s card was drawn from the Devil’s Acre deck. If you didn’t know already, this deck is haunted which is why I’ve not touched it for a long time. I recently came across it again and decided to pick a few cards for the week ahead.

It didn’t disappoint with its usual paranormal activity. When trying to take pictures of the cards, things kept going missing, like my crystals, they disappeared seconds after I put them down. One of the cards I chose vanished too and I’ve still not found it… Anyway here’s today’s card.

Today you may find that you get what’s coming to you or maybe someone you know has finally got what’s coming to them. That almost sounds evil but this doesn’t just refer to retribution or revenge. It could be that someone nice has received a gift. For me, this card is all about our actions and how every action has a reaction. If you have done a lot of good then expect some kind of reward today. If you’ve been spreading negativity, then expect negativity to come back to you.. Or since it’s the time of year for it, expect some lovely presents or a lump of coal.

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