Since there’s going to be a blue moon tonight, I thought it best to draw today’s card from the Moonology deck again.

When I drew this card for Halloween, I had high hopes that it’d be a relevant moon. I was obviously hoping it’d be a full moon card, in fact the ‘Full Moon in Taurus’ card would have been great or the ‘Blue Moon’ card.

Of course what really matters is the message, it may not be the ideal moon on the card (although it is a full moon) but the message couldn’t be more ironic. On a day when most people pretend to be someone else, I draw a card that encourages showing the world the real you. I don’t think this is trying to tell us that we should not dress up this year, especially since in many areas there are plenty of other restrictions due to the current pandemic. If anything I think this is a sign for us all to let out the side of us which we would normally keep hidden. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to do whatever you enjoy doing without anyone judging you, everyone is crazy on Halloween and that’s why it’s great!

Alternatively you could think of it like this; if you go ghost hunting or engage in divination practices on a regular basis, people tend to judge you (believe me I know) but it’s perfectly acceptable to do that sort of thing on Halloween. Think of the song ‘Halloween’ by the Dead Kennedys, specifically the line ‘Why not everyday, are you so afraid, what will people say?’ maybe this is a message to live unconventionally and live everyday as though it were Halloween. Let your true self out and don’t hide it because you think you have to.

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