I’ve found that there are two main types of tarot readers, those that are psychic and use tarot cards as a kind of visual aid and to help them put into words what they are sensing, then there’s the second kind who rely on the cards to give them information and interpret the cards using their intuition and knowledge of the deck. With the Psycards deck, I think they are most useful for the first kind of tarot reader. I would put myself more in the second category which is why I don’t use these cards too often, but they’re fun for a daily card reading.

Do you believe in fate? A lot of people prefer to believe that their future is in their own hands rather than dictated to by other forces. There are some special people who I believe do have a special destiny whether they like it or not. In palmestry some people believe that when the fate line passes through the life line it means that person has a special destiny. If this is the case for you then it could well mean that you have a future which is written out and your purpose is to fulfill your destiny. If you’ve been noticing little odd coincidences and signs then take this reading as another sign that you may be one of those special folk who are on their way to fulfilling their destiny.

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