Today’s card was also drawn from the Tarot Familiars deck. Look how cool that wolf looks! 😍

As cool as that wolf looks, he also looks kinda bored.. you too may be feeling a bit fed up and bored with your daily routine and it’s not your fault. You’re creative and innovative when it comes to your craft and your work, so doing the same things each day can be draining and dull. You may find that your inner perfectionist has made an appearance and is wanting things to be ‘just so’ this is adding to your stress.

On the one hand you’re a little bored with your routine but on the other hand you know that your routine works. It is a successful method so it’d be dumb to change it up. This card has appeared for a reason, you need to get through this negative period and not give up. Your love for your craft and your daily routine is not lost, it will come back when you use your creativity to add something new to your routine.

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