Today’s card was drawn from the Tarot Familiars deck.

Today is quite a sad day! whether it’s the beginning of the end of a relationship or the inevitable end to a happy period of time, you knew that this would happen sooner or later. There’s no point in trying to get that relationship back, it’s time that you realise there is no hope. You shouldn’t try to capture your previous happiness either, you have to look forward now! It is the end of one way of life and just as this previously happy period of time ended, so too will this next period of sadness and reflexion. Remember that there will be good times again and you will meet better people and do better things.

4 thoughts

  1. The relationship with my little flat comes to an end in the next few days. Yes, although the rooms are (almost) empty now, they are still filled with memories. One door closes, another one opens. xo

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