Today’s card is also from the Light Visions deck.

There is a lot to be hopeful for. You’ve got plenty of ideas and motivation to get things done. After some previous hardships, it is a much welcomed card. It’s time to be hopeful and positive again. If this refers to a relationship or friendship, it is likely that you’ll find some redeeming qualities in someone who you’ve been having problems with. With matters to do with work and career, this tells you to stay hopeful, you will start to notice signs that will let you know you are on the right path this time, keep going.

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  1. Can I ask a dumb question? Please feel free to delete if it’s inappropriate to today’s post!! If you did readings from two decks one after the other, which takes precedence or must you then balance one card against the other?

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    1. So if I took a card from one deck and then another card from another deck for today’s reading, I’d combine them both to get a clearer message. If I asked a question like ‘Will I get married this year?’ and then I picked out several cards from one deck and a few from another deck, I could combine all of the cards to get a more in depth answer to my question. I don’t know if that’s what you were asking or if I’ve answered that properly haha

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      1. Thank you!!! I appreciate that! I know virtually nothing about Tarot and I just wondered while reading “what if, another deck was used after” and I really appreciate you answering!!

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