Today’s card was picked from the Tarot Mucha deck again.

This card may have come out as a warning about ignoring the advice of yesterday’s card. This is one of the most depressing cards in my opinion. The imagery isn’t pleasant and depicts what looks like a woman waking up from a nightmare. Today you may be filled with anxiety. You may have a lot of worries on your mind and you will find it difficult to overcome these negative thoughts. Try to remember that you’ve been there before, you’ve felt this way in the past and you got better. You’ll get better again this time too. Don’t fall deeper into the darkness, you can fight it.

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5 thoughts

  1. Sometimes I ask the tarot how to achieve a breakthrough. A breakthrough in health, relationships, work, whichever. Maybe we can ask how to have a breakthrough with anxiety. Anxiety aside, I love this deck too! I have a bunch of deck which are lame compared to yours. Admittedly, I look for under $20 decks hoping to discover a treasure.

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    1. Yes I think you’re right. I might try asking the tarot how to overcome anxiety.
      I can’t afford the really expensive ones but I try to find good looking decks that are reasonably priced haha. What decks do you have?

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