Again the card of the day was drawn from the Psycards deck. I will probably try a ‘pick a card’ tomorrow, or something like that instead of a daily Card. Sometimes, I like to do something different at the weekend.

Today’s card is ‘Beauty’ and it’s a lovely card, in fact the picture on it is the one used on the box that the cards came in.

The message from the Beauty card is that nothing is truly perfect and that even if you try really hard at something, you shouldn’t become distressed when it doesn’t go to plan. You don’t have to be a perfectionist to get great results. There is beauty in the imperfections and the mistakes we make. In traditional Japanese aesthetics, there is a term called wabi-sabi which means that something imperfect and incomplete can be beautiful. Today you should try to be less of a perfectionist.. let the little mistakes happen and learn to love them.

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