There are many tarot Spreads for every season and so I decided to list my favourite ones.

You may wonder why it’s necessary to do a spread based on what season we’re in, well it’s actually a great way to figure out where you are at that point in time and discover how the season will affect you.

Each seasonal spread has its own theme, for example summer is all about light and positivity. You could technically use these spreads at any time of the year but for the best results, it’s better to do them during the season that they’re intended for.

Spring Time Spread

1 – Roots – This card represents you as a person and your past.

2 – Stems – this card is about your strengths and what makes you the person you are today. It could represent the things you’re good at or past obstacles you’ve overcome for example.

3 – Bud – This is all about your potential. It could represent your hidden skills or talents or refer to a petsonality trait that is developing.

4 – Budding – This represents the beginning of something based on your potential, perhaps a new project or even a new relationship.

5 – Blossoms – After learning what you have the potential for and what is likely to happen, the fifth card represents something that is already blossoming. It most likely represents a relationship with the potential to deepen. It can also represent plans which you have in place, coming into fruition.

6 – Prune this – The sixth card is all about things that you need to let go. It could refer to anything from negative thoughts to a toxic person.

7 – Prune that – This card is similar to the 6th card but is more about your doubts and fears and negative thought patterns you need to let go of to reach your full potential.

8 – Bloom – What will bloom at the end of spring? This card is the outcome and represents what is likely to happen in Spring.

Summer Spread

1 – How am I shining my light right now – This is all about what you’ve been projecting to the world, what are you all about? What are your qualities?

2 – Which aspect of my life is ready to shine next – This card represents an aspect in your life which is about to change. It’s also referring to the main theme of the season. For example if you met the love of your life in the summer, then the theme of summer would be love. If you started a new job then that would be the theme or the highlight.

3 – Which aspect has the most potential for growth – What aspect about you is going to evolve and blossom. It could refer to a personality trait, a skill or even your career or a relationship.

4 – How can I nurture that growth – This card is about the things you have to do to ensure that the aspect referred to in the 5th card develops. A plant needs water and a fire needs fuel. What can you do to help things move along? It also could refer to the things you need to do to maintain that growth.

5 – What aspect do I need to shine more light on – In other words, what are your weaknesses? What areas in your life have you been neglecting? Perhaps it’s time you focused on those areas more.

6 – How can I be a source of light to others – What can you do to inspire others? It’s all about your skills and wisdom that may be useful in helping others or improving the lives of others.

Autumn Spread

1 – How can I best find balance in my life – Its often easy to focus on one aspect of your life and neglect the others. This card should help you find a way to balance things out more.

2 – What can I bring into my life in order to keep my soul awake – This card is about the things which excite you, it’s about the things you need in your life to keep you inspired.

3 – What must I shed in order to transition seasons peacefully – This card represents the negativity that holds you back. It could be on a mental level or could be something physical like a negative person in your life. It is more likely to represent a way of thinking or an old habit, addiction or lifestyle choice.

4 – What will emerge as the darkness grows – Autumn represents the end of summer, it is kind of a dark season. It even has Halloween in it! Through the darkness though, you may come to some realisation. This card represents things that may become apparent on those dark and possibly lonely nights.

5 – What messages or lessons will this season hold for me – Once the season is over, what will you have learned? It refers to the events which will happen during the season and how you will lol at them and learn from them.

Christmas Spread

Instead of going for a winter spread, I thought this Christmas spread would be more interesting. It’s based on a spread I’ve used before but I’ve tweaked it a bit.

1 – My Christmas wish – This could be anything from a physical gift from someone or a hope and dream. It most often represents what you want most for Christmas and the next year ahead.

2 – My hopes – Building on the theme of the first card, the second card is more about what you want most out of life and what your long-term hopes and wishes are.

3 – Gift from the universe – Even if you think you’re an unlucky person, there are always things in your life to be thankful about. The universe has many gifts for you and this card represents the gifts which are coming your way.

4 – My gift to share – The final card represents your abilities and wisdom. What can you share with the rest of the world?

5 – outcome – This card will tell you how your Christmas will go. Will you get what you wished for or a lump of coal!

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