Not too long ago, someone mentioned they’d learned about a previous life through the tarot. I’d heard about this being done but had not yet tried it myself. I did some research to find the best spread for the job and found a 12 card spread that seemed to cover all the questions I had about who I used to be.

I had always hoped that I was someone exciting in my past life. I’m a guitarist so there was a tiny little naive hope that maybe, just maybe I was Jimi Hendrix or maybe even Robert Johnson. I was quite disappointed when I learned that I had a very boring yet sad past life. One of the only things that my past self and Jimi Hendrix had in common was that we were both men.

In a nutshell, I found out that I was a man who lived in a small town in America. I earned a decent amount of money as an office worker but I was quite neglectful of my wife and children. My wife died when I was middle aged, my children grew up and stopped talking to me and I died alone.

One night I decided to get some friends round for a past life reading, they seemed very excited by the idea. I was again disappointed but not because they’d all had boring past lives like me, but because they’d had good ones. I was slightly jealous that they’d had such interesting past lives when compared with mine and yet in a way it made me realise that the point in a past life reading isn’t to get excited about who you were, but to get excited about who you are now.

The man I used to be died alone and was a terrible husband. From that I have learned that I should always appreciate the people who are close to me. It was actually a great time for me to do that reading as I’d been feeling like I was putting work first before anyone else. I also realised that there was a part of me that measures my self worth on my achievements rather than my attributes or the friends I keep. The life I’m leading now is supposed to be about the people I’m with. I needed to learn that success isn’t everything and that even though I’ve failed at quite a few things, I still have amazing people in my life.

A past life reading isn’t just a fun thing to do to learn about who you used to be, it’s also about learning lessons from who you were as well as figuring out what your purpose is and why you do the things you do. You’re the same person that you were in all of your past lives, but little things change and evolve so that you can keep progressing.. to what end though? Nirvana? I personally can’t tell you what the meaning of life is or tell you where we’re going after we’ve run out of lives. I only know that I’m not alone in having this incredible sense that we have all been here before, and many of us will keep coming back here. Life is short, but when you have many of them, even if you don’t remember them, you’re still evolving on a level that we can’t fully understand.

There are many people who believe that we choose our lives before coming here, I’m inclined to agree with that idea. I also believe that you came here with the same people you knew in previous lives. In my case, maybe I’m in debt to the people close to me since they may have been the people I neglected in the previous life.

The main problem with believing people write out their life before coming here is this! why would someone choose a bad one? Maybe the answer to that question can help to answer the big question of ‘what is the meaning of life’ perhaps it is to evolve and better yourself for some greater purpose. Those who have bad lives may end up getting more Brownie points than someone who had an overall good life. Maybe you learn more from pain than you do from pleasure. I believe that the reason I have so much empathy is because of the pain I’ve had in my life, not from the good times I’ve had. Empathy makes someone a nicer person and isn’t that a kind of evolution of the soul, I’d like to think it is.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to do more delving into my past lives to gain more clarity about my present life. A tarot reader years ago gave me some insight, but I’d like to go deeper. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    1. Yeah it’s definitely a great way to learn more about yourself, it is really fun too. It’s a shame I wasn’t anything fun in in my past life but then maybe I’m supposed to be in this life haha

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  2. I had a past life memories during a massage once. The masseuse hit a certain spot and I saw a previous life go by. I saw the last two years of my adult life in about a split second. It was astounding!

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  3. Yes, I agree. The very reason for being able to look into past lives is to learn lessons and better ourselves. to value the people close to us , as you’ve rightly said. i also didn’t know that Tarrot allows you to look into past lives. Thank you for the post

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    1. Yes exactly! And yeah I didn’t know you could use the tarot to find out about past lives but I’ve done a lot of past life readings now and it’s really fun and useful, it’s one of my favourite spreads now haha thank you for stopping by 🙂

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