Most tarot Spreads will answer questions about finances, career, relationships, life direction and even past lives but they’re all similar in the way that they’re useful for guidence and help with your daily life. I recently stumbled across some unusual tarot spreads that don’t necessarily have anything to do with your life. Some of them answer the questions that you might not dare ask a tarot reader… So here it is, a little list of unusual tarot Spreads to try at home!

Sizzling Sex Tarot Spread

This is a fun spread that delves into the sexual desires of both you and your partner. It’s an interesting idea for a spread that I can only imagine will deepen the bond between you and your partner by learning about each others wants and fantasies in the bedroom.

1. Skills: What new erotic adventures should you explore.

2. The Lesson: what sexual techniques can you learn from your partner

3. The Teacher: What sexual techniques can you teach your partner

4. The Libido: What turns you on the most

5. The Giving: What pleasures do you enjoy giving the most

6. The Receiving: What pleasures do you enjoy receiving the most

7. The Fantasy: What is your secret sexual fantasy

8. The Orgasm: How can you reach unprecedented, mind numbing completion

Am I Being Haunted?

The tarot knows everything, it even knows when you’re being haunted by a ghost! The great thing about this spread is you could actually ask the ghost to choose the cards, if you dare!

1. Who is haunting me?

2. What can I learn from this spirit?

3. What does the spirit want?

4. How do I help the spirit find the light?

Weather Spread

It’s common knowledge that weather forecasters get things very a little wrong sometimes, which is why I’m glad that someone came up with this interesting spread to predict the weather.

1. Will we have clouds?

2. Will the weather be hot or cold?

3. Will we have rain or snow?

4. Will there be a storm?

5. Summary/Conclusion

Dream Interpretation

1. Why did I have this dream?

2. What is my dream trying to tell me?

3. Is there a hidden message?

4. Is there a lesson that the dream is trying to teach me?

5. How do I apply the lessons/advice in my dream to my waking life?

I hope you enjoyed these spreads! If you did then please give it a like and maybe a share if you’re feeling generous. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram:

I’m gonna go off now and try the weather forecasting spread, I’m hoping for a storm.

11 thoughts

    1. Yeah there’s so many, people come up with new spreads all the time. I have altered spreads before to work better with what I’m asking but I’ve yet to invent a spread.


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