As some of you may know, I’m in a band. We’ve done a lot of tours and I always enjoy it when I come back and tell people about the fun times we had. The best stories are the ones that involve a haunted location.

For the month of October in 2017 we did a tour of Germany and Spain. One venue in Zaragoza, Spain was particularly unusual. It was called La Boveda and the venue part was in a dungeon in a castle. I had high expectations for this show and I naturally assumed the venue would be haunted, I wasn’t disappointed.

Halloween decorations and seating area

As soon as we arrived with all our gear, a nice lady approached us and introduced herself as Ana, she was the promoter. Sadly my Spanish is not very good and her English wasn’t so good so when I asked her if the castle was haunted, it was difficult to understand the answer. She talked about the history of the castle and how there used to be a religious figure possibly a cardinal who put many heritics to death there. She also mentioned that it had a tunnel which led to other historic buildings in the city. I’m not sure how accurate the story is as I had to guess and make assumptioons about a lot of what she was saying as my Spanish is terrible.

As we walked down the stone steps to the dungeon, I noticed a tunnel that was blocked off with a metal gate. I’m guessing it was the tunnel that Ana had spoken about. Not long after we arrived, the dungeon began filling up with people and it was packed by the time we played, it was a great gig and the acoustics were phenomenal. Afterwards we decided to stick around for a bit. As more and more people gradually left, the atmosphere began to change. It felt less like a gig and more like a castle again, or more specifically a dungeon in a castle.

Myself and singer Clancey Jones next to the scary tunnel

Eventually our bassist and singer left and it was just the drummer, our tour manager and me left in the venue. I walked to the end of the room where I found an old piano, I began messing around playing a few tunes when the drummer quickly stopped me and pointed to a sign which warned people not to play the piano. At first I thought this was probably due to them not wanting people breaking the old piano, but with what happened next, maybe it was because the piano was haunted.

I walked with the drummer to sit on the stage where we sat drinking some beers. I suggested doing a seance. I asked out loud if anyone was there. We heard a few noises at the back of the room where the piano was. At the time I assumed that maybe it was just some creaky floorboards or something innocent. I wanted more than that so I asked again and some tapping sounds could be heard. I then asked for the spirit in the room to play the piano. We waited for a few seconds and sure enough, the piano began to be played. It sounded like someone playing a few notes on the high keys. We couldn’t believe it. There was no two ways about it, something invisible was playing the piano. It was at that point our tour manager became spooked and said we needed to go to our accommodation as we had an early drive the next day. As we left, we walked past the tunnel and I’m sure I saw a shadowy figure in the corner of my eye. I looked through the metal bars into the tunnel hoping to see something more clearly and a stone was thrown from deep into the tunnel, I heard it hit the ground. Our tour manager and drummer had reached the top of the stairs before me and they shouted down to me to hurry up.

I wish I could have stayed longer, I’m sure that more strange events would have happened. I know for sure that place was haunted. I’ve since tried to research the castle and its history, but I’ve not found a lot about it. If anyone from the Zaragoza area of Spain knows more about it, then please get in touch.

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