I remember watching a documentary about a man who had predicted a plane crash that killed everyone on board. He claimed that he knew it would happen, because he had dreamed about it. On several occasions he had frantically called the airlines to warn them, but was of course not taken seriously. He had a few more dreams about it, and began learning more details about the crash. He could describe the plane, the flying conditions and the nature of the crash, but still no one would listen. Eventually his premonition came true. It seemed almost pointless for this man to have had those dreams, since there was nothing he could do about it. It makes you wonder why the universe would try to tell someone about a disastrous future event when they have no control over the situation. Surely it would have been better if the pilot of the doomed plane had the prophetic dreams. Maybe it all depends on how open you are to receiving messages from the universal energy. It just so happens that the people who are more open, tend not to be in positions of power.

I recently experienced a dream that might be considered to be prophetic. If it was just me who had had this dream, I might not think much about it, but I’m not the only one. Over two months ago, I dreamed that a dark cloud had formed above the entire world, people were panicking and rioting and it was very scary. When I woke up, I immediately wanted to tell my partner about it. Before I could complete the sentence ‘I had a really strange dream..’ my partner interrupted and said ‘No I had a strange dream!!’ he began telling me that he dreamed a dark cloud had come over and caused everyone to panic. I couldn’t believe it! I told him about my dream and at first he thought it was cute we’d had the same dream. He put it down to us being very close and maybe watching something on TV that caused us both to have similar dreams. I still kept thinking that it meant something.

Not too long after we had those dreams, the coronavirus began to spread around the world until it was finally recognised as a pandemic. I could say that maybe my dream was warning me of our impending doom, but it gets weirder.

I’m subscribed to a group on Facebook, that mainly features paranormal tales and ghost stories from its members. A recent post to the group caught my eye. A man had written about a dream he had a few months ago about a dark cloud. His description of the cloud matched the cloud in my dream. ‘It was a huge cloud a dark cloud! taller than a cumulonimbus and lower to the ground than normal clouds’ Other members of the group had commented to say that they too had had similar dreams. Some thought that the dreams were a warning of the coronavirus. I can see how something dark coming over our world and creating panic, sounds like it’d be a premonition about a pandemic, but it’s a little too abstract for my liking. The man who dreamed a plane was going to crash, had detailed dreams about it. There was no confusion or metaphor. It got me wondering if maybe we had those dreams to warn us about something else, something far worse. A world war perhaps? a mushroom cloud? the end of the world?

I can’t be certain that these dreams mean anything, it could be a coincidence that a load of people had the same dream. It could be one of those common dreams like the ‘falling dream’ or the ‘naked at school’ dream, but none of us had yet had ‘the cloud’ dream until this point in time. Maybe we’re looking into it more because of the current state the world is in right now. It doesn’t really matter so much if it was warning, I don’t think any of us are in a position to change what might happen to the world. We’ve all had these dreams for either no reason at all, or for reasons that we can’t explain or change.

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    1. Yeah I think a lot of people have had dreams that seem to predict the future, even if it’s something small like predicting a friend is going to tell you a secret. I’ve had a few like that before. It’s very strange and makes you wonder if our subconscious mind knows more than we realise.


    1. It could be yeah, I’m not too sure if to think it could be predicting something else or if it was an amazing coincidence. It was strange how we all had those dreams just before the outbreak though.

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  1. Wow amazing! I do believe dreams tell us something. Mine have also predicted certain events transpiring in my own life. Who who are more open are closer to our spirit guides. Wish more people believed so more of us could make a difference

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    1. Yes, I think the unconscious mind is so fascinating and more research needs to be done on dreams. I think we all have the ability to connect to the spirit world, but only a few people do it and believe in it. It’s such a shame that it’s not taken seriously.

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  2. I agree that the whole phenomenon of dreams has not been fully understood till now, but there is some truth in its prophetic interpretations. I always see a snake in my dreams before anything bad happens in my life. I have a fear of snakes, so I understand the subconscious playing it back to me as a dream but forecasting the bad event before it actually happened is indeed a mystery still.

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    1. That’s very interesting, do you think it could be that you’re worried about something in the back of your mind and so the unconscious mind let’s you know by giving you a dream about a snake? Or are the bad things that happen unpredictable?


      1. A bit of both, really. Sometimes it has been an issue bubbling but after appearance of a snake in a dream, it manifests clearly and fully. This I can understand but at times its been an out of the blue situation. As a Law of attraction follower, I feel it’s the state of mind that manifests as a dream. Maybe I had some negativity playing on my mind. However, since for about a couple of years, this recurring dream has stopped, as I am self-coaching myself to hold steady a positive mindset.

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      2. Yeah I think you’re right, the mind is such an amazing thing. I’m glad to hear you haven’t had a snake dream for a while. I’m scared of spiders and I sometimes have dreams about them, I’m going to write it down every time I do to see if there’s a pattern.

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  3. Dreams are always for a reason. I too have had a large number of prophetic dreams. Your dream about the clouds may not imply that you can do something about it, but it does mean that you are in many ways forewarned. I read years ago in a book based on Edgar Cayce that even in prophetic dreams, there is a meaning for you. Not necessarily to prevent. for example dreams about changes in the world or about military prowess may never be had by a worker(unless she’s just gifted with this vision), but more so by people to whom it may matter.
    You are truly a gifted person. All the very best.

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    1. Yes I suppose you’re right, prophetic dreams don’t necessarily happen so that you can do something about it or prevent something bad from happening. I shall check out that book. Thank you 😊

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      1. Wow that’s incredible, you seem to be tuned into something. It’s a good thing that you’re paying attention to your dreams, you might be able to prevent something bad from happening one day.

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