As Covid-19 sweeps through the globe, infecting thousands of people, it’s hard to think about anything else. Even the small things have been altered by it. Many of us are in lockdown, and those who are self employed have suffered from this. I am a self employed tarot reader and musician. My European tour has been cancelled and as for tarot reading, well I decided to mainly focus on doing it online a while ago so surely it won’t affect that.. well actually it has.

I thought it could go one of two ways, either I’d have people asking me to do a tarot reading to find out if they’re going to survive the coronavirus, which of course I couldn’t do! it’d be morally and ethically wrong to do a reading on that sort of thing. The other thought is that people will be so preoccupied with this deadly disease to even think about tarot cards and all that jazz. It turns out, it has definitely been the latter. I have had very little business, and I’m actually glad about this. Firstly I’m glad I don’t have a lot of panicky people hoping to find solace in fortune telling and tarot reading, and secondly I know I wouldn’t be as good at it right now. I too am stressed out about this pandemic. I’m fearful for the lives of my friends and family, particularly the older ones. I’m also worried that this lockdown might have given our world leaders the authority to have further lockdowns in the future for little or no reason which could end up with us all living in a 1984 dystopian future. Seriously, when you’re locked in doors all day, your mind runs wildly, especially when the world around you has changed so dramatically in a matter of weeks.

I have been doing daily tarot readings for myself, which has been reassuring. I’m definitely getting positive messages, but there’s not a lot the tarot can tell me. As it stands now, I don’t really have a life. Like a lot of people in a lockdown, I spend my days watching shows on Netflix, tuning into the news and doing creative things to keep my mind busy. The tarot can’t give me much insight into my current situation, but it can give me insight about myself and the way I should handle this situation.

To anyone who is interested in the tarot or wants a tarot reading, my message is; don’t ask for a tarot reading from someone else right now. Since most of us have a lot more free time, this would be a good time to learn about it yourself. The tarot has been helping me mentally and emotionally through this, and it could do the same for you. Maybe start off by learning what the card meanings are as something fun to learn. Even if you want to just pick out a card each day for some guidance, it can be helpful. There are plenty of websites that tell you the meanings of each card, so you don’t even need to worry too much about memorising every card. For those who want some tips on how to learn, I wrote about it in another blog post if you fancy checking that out.

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  1. I’m sorry you got canceled MorganTarot. I love concerts and ball games and flea markets. I’m self employed. This is pandemic is a game changer for sure. I read 1984 I think in 1980 so I was freaked out about the future for a while there. Pray for peace pray for our world. She’s telling us that something has to change or else we’re doomed.

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  2. Yeah it hasn’t been good for self employed people. I’ve applied to get money from the government who said yesterday that they will help out self employed people who can’t work during the pandemic.
    Weirdly, I had just finished reading 1984 before the pandemic began, so it’s been fresh in my mind haha I agree with you though, the world needs us to change x


  3. My life has changed but not as drastically. I’m retired, so I was already home a fair amount. I live in a very small town (around 700) and there’s no real reason for others to come here. I’m on an acre, so I can sit outside on my patio and even have a friend come over to sit on the patio—about ten feet away.
    But every one of my important social activities has been canceled, of course. No Second Saturday Art Walk. No farmers market. Both book groups and both writing groups canceled. I don’t cross the border (Mexico is a few blocks away) for my shopping or volunteer activities.
    But we can all be thankful we’re alive and well, and for that I am most grateful.

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    1. I envy you living on an acre of land haha 🙂 but I’m glad you’re doing okay and you’re safe and well. I have a garden so I’m not as unlucky as some people who are stuck in an apartment or flat as we say. I try to avoid going shopping too much, I mainly just go out for essentials and for a walk every evening.

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