Every pet owner has experienced it! that creepy moment when your animal companion stares at a particular spot in a room with fascination and wide eyes as though someone or something is standing there. Both cats and dogs are known to do this, and even my pet rats do it sometimes. You might not notice it every time, but on a dark lonely night when it’s just you and your pet, it can be very eerie when they suddenly notice something that you can’t see. Can animals see things that we can’t see? ghosts perhaps?

We all know that dogs and cats have a better sense of smell than humans. They can also pinpoint where a certain sound is coming from better than we can. Most skeptics will say that when your animal friend stares at a particular area of the room, they’re doing it because they can smell something of interest in that direction. Sometimes they do it because they can hear something, perhaps a mouse under the floorboards or a moth fluttering about under a chair. Sometimes your dog will bark at the thing of interest, and it can look very much like he’s scared or feels threatened by something evil that you can’t see. Again, scientists and skeptics alike attribute this to either excitement from hearing something (most likely an insect) or they’re acting on your behalf. It is known that animals can pick up on your pheromones. If cats can diagnose cancer, they can certainly smell when you’re scared! If a dog hears an insect moving about, and you notice your dog staring at something you can’t see, you might start to feel on edge, your dog picks up on this and begins barking. He feels how you feel and believes you might be under attack, but of course you’re not in any danger, it’s all in your head! or is it?

The main issue with the ‘animals have better senses than us’ theory is that it often misses out an important sense, the sense of movement. Animals like cats, dogs and rodents have whiskers. Whiskers are incredibly sensitive to motion. You don’t have to touch a cats whiskers for him to know you’re there. You can stand on the other side of the room and the cat can feel the slightest bit of movement in the air, sending a message to the cat’s brain about his distance from you. You could again say that your pet is sensing the movement of an insect when he looks towards the dark corner of your living room, however an insect is small, it’d have to be moving around a lot for it to make enough waves in the air for your pet to get so fascinated by it, in which case, you’d likely be able to see it. Most little things that an animal can sense the movement of, will likely be noticed by you too but what about the things we’re not tuned into? There’s a theory that as humans evolved, we lost our ability to sense natural disasters, the magnetic field of the planet and pressure changes in the weather. Animals on the other hand, seem to demonstrate that they have these abilities in one way or another. This sensory ability could mean that animals can pick up on the movement of otherworldly entities.

The next time, your pet looks down your dimly lit hallway at something unseen, don’t dismiss it. They could be warning you of the unseen inhabitants in your home.

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  1. I’m not into tarot myself, and I’m pretty well a skeptic when it come to the paranormal…

    But I REALLY like your page anyway! You’re a great writer. Your word usage is flawless, and your writing style is very descriptive… and yet you don’t waste words, either. You get to the point without using a single syllable more than you need.

    Kudos on ‘making it’ as a musician and tarot reader. Have you considered being a novelist as well? 😉

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  2. Wow! thank you so much 🙂 I think that’s one of the best compliments I’ve ever had haha. I actually have two unfinished novels on the go at the moment, but I don’t think I’ll ever publish them, I just enjoy writing.


  3. I want to repeat the post above said: “But I like your posts! You’re a great writer. Your word usage is imaginative, and your writing style is very descriptive.. You get to the point. Now, pertaining the topic of the post; I can say for sure if they see anything supernatural, but they definitely can scare the living daylights out of you staring down the hallway or in a corner late at night. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me 😊 a lot of the time when my cat stares at something I can’t see, I fear it being a spider rather than a ghost haha I can’t really decide which is more terrifying.


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