In most little towns and villages in Britain, you’ll find they’ll have a legend about a ghost or cryptid. In a little village called ‘Stallingborough’ in the north, east of England, there isn’t a well known legend and that’s what makes this story unusual.

My family moved to Stallingborough when I was 2 years old, we lived there until I was 10. Many of the locals talked about a white lady, yet the story of this mysterious ghost woman was never featured in any books on the paranormal, and to this day isn’t even mentioned anywhere on the internet. I know that I am not the only one to have seen her. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have a proper backstory, that writers on the paranormal haven’t taken an interest in her. There’s not a lot to write about, only witness testimonies.

My father was interested in ghosts, I mean really interested! he went ghost hunting a lot and enjoyed telling me ghost stories. He made Halloween come alive and filled my childhood with magical possibilities. Perhaps his unusual parenting prevented me from becoming a cynical, closed minded adult. When I was about 8 or 9, my dad started talking to a local taxi driver called Phillip. Philip told him about his late night drives back from the local town where he’d have to drive down Stallingborough road to get back home. On several occasions, he’d seen a woman dressed in white, step out from the trees at the side of the road, and walk to the other side before disappearing. This intrigued my dad who had only heard about the white lady, but had not yet met anyone who had actually seen her. He started asking more people about her, and before long, he had met quite a few people who had had encounters with the woman in white. An elderly woman who had lived in Stallingborough all of her life, said she’d seen the white lady on numerous occasions, starting from when she was a little girl. She explained that she’d seen the ghost wandering about on Stallingborough road just Like Phillip had said. She thought that the white lady is the ghost of a woman who once owned most of the local land back in the 1900’s. She went on to say that the woman didn’t want to leave her land after death and so continues to wander the area in spirit form.

My dad couldn’t just listen to these stories, he had to see her! so he began walking down Stallingborough road late at night, hoping to spot her. He didn’t have much luck at first. I started begging him to take me a long too and he eventually gave in and agreed to take me. We started going there at around 9pm every night. We’d often sit there for a while, look at the stars and chat. Nothing out of the ordinary happened at first. It didn’t even feel scary. It was a good bonding experience, but that was all. We started wondering if maybe she only appears at certain times, maybe closer to midnight (I was too young to be up and about at midnight) we thought that it could be a case of her only appearing in winter or spring. It was autumn at the time.

After a few weeks, we started going there less and less. We’d almost given up on ever seeing the ghost. One night after school, dad suggested we go there a little earlier. We set off at around half 7. As we walked down the road, I felt a little on edge, like something was going to jump out at us at any moment. My dad was also unusually quiet. From an early age, I could pick up on people’s emotions, and I could sense he was feeling just as afraid as I was. We kept on walking, it was so silent, there seemed to be no sound at all in fact, until suddenly my dad yelled ‘What is that?!’ I looked to the side of me, and through a clearing in the trees, I could see what he was seeing. My heart stopped, I was completely petrified. There in front of us, only about 10 metres away was the woman in white. She didn’t look exactly how people had described. I couldn’t make out a face, I could only see her flowing dress which looked to be more of an off white or grey than white. She walked slowly through the trees, almost floating. I gripped my dad’s hand very tightly, and I somehow got the courage to ask ‘Should we go now?’ my dad just replied ‘yes’ and we started walking back. We didn’t look behind us, we didn’t stay long enough to see where the white lady went or if she disappeared. I was too afraid to stay there any longer, and so was my dad. We didn’t say a word to each other until we got home.

Since moving away from Stallingborough, I’ve often returned with my sister, hoping to see the white lady again, but so far I haven’t. It is my wish that other people read this so that they can be aware that the white lady of Stallingborough does exist! before this, I couldn’t find any articles about her, but now there is at least one.

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  1. Britain seems to be the unholiest of the unholy. No doubt that Anne Boleyn being one of most famous of ghostly sightings- not only at the Tower of London where she floats around carrying her head underneath her left arm; but at Hampton Court where she’s seen to ride up in a black coach with black horses.


    1. Yeah haha it’s weird that she’s spotted in so many different places, surely she can’t haunt that many different locations?! There seems to be a ghost legend in almost every little town and village in Britain, it makes sense since it as such a long and bloody history.

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