Is there any evidence of the paranormal?

There are tons of videos and pictures that purportedly prove the existence of ghosts. There are many more ghost photos and videos to come, but how often are they faked? and why do so many people make fake photographs depicting a ghostly shape or a chair hovering by itself? It’s actually very frustrating that people in this world want to stop us from finding the truth by diverting our attention. All of these people faking that they have a haunted house are ruining it for the real truth seekers. You even start to wonder if all apparent evidence of the paranormal is fake.


A lot of the videos on YouTube that claim to be actual footage of a haunting are often too over the top to be real or is that just me being skeptical? The footage may start out with some guy roaming around an abandoned house He starts to hear strange noises and then he notices things being moved.. so far so good. It seems real! right up until the ghost appears. In these type of videos, it never fully appears though, you see a glimpse of the ‘ghost’ poking its head out of a door and then quickly retreating. So many ghost videos follow this format, and it just seems silly. Why would a ghost take a quick peek at you and run off? especially since it’s activity seems to demonstrate that it’s a malevolent entity. Surely something evil like that would walk right up to you and I dunno.. scream in your face? or something? it’s almost like they’ve made the video with the hopes of making you think it’s the real deal by not showing too much. In reality it has shown too much! it went too far into being more like a mini horror film and less like an authentic haunting caught on video.

You often see videos that are supposed to look normal and like nothing weird is going to happen. It usually goes something like this; a young girl singing and dancing in front of her webcam, then all of a sudden, her bedroom door opens by itself. She looks behind her, then carries on singing. After a few seconds, a teddy bear is thrown across the room, the girl looks scared and turns the camera off. These videos often seem genuine as they look like less planning has gone into them. A lot of ghost footage videos are featured on other YouTube compilation videos, and with these types of videos, the presenter will often say “The video uploader is a successful YouTuber and therefore would have no reason to fake a haunting” this spurious reasoning is why gullible people will keep coming back to watch these videos. I can think of many reasons why they might have faked a haunting. Maybe they wanted to reach a different audience or grow their audience, maybe they had run out of video ideas, maybe they thought it’d be something fun to do or maybe they just want the kind of attention that other people get from being haunted.


The Brown Lady

We’ve all seen those old ghost photographs, right? There are also plenty of photographs that come under the category of ‘spirit photography’ Most examples of spirit photography have been proven to be fake and was often the result of double exposure. As chilling as a lot of the old photographs are, we have to keep in mind that these photographs were taken during a time when people were flocking to mediums and the taking of ghost photographs was the new exciting craze. In all of the photographs taken in this period, I doubt that many of them are genuine. Surely though at least one of them is real? I’d like to think so.

It’s easy to fake a ghost photo these days. You don’t even have to use Photoshop. Even if you take a photograph of someone walking by and then move the camera quickly as you take the photo, it creates a blurry image of the person. If you tell everyone there was no one else in the room, you can make out you caught a ghost on camera. Plenty of ghost photographs look to have been done this way, it’s so simple to do! other times, someone will take a picture of their friend dressed up in scary clothes and ask them to stand in the shadowiest part of the room for them to take a picture of.

How to spot a fake

Sadly you just can’t tell if a video or photograph of a ghost is real. It could be anything from an insect accidentally caught on camera (orb) to a person going to great lengths to orchestrate a haunting to film. We have to face it, the majority of ghost footage is fake. Our desire to know the truth about life after death, demons, aliens, Bigfoot and ghosts is being quashed by the people in the world who want to make money, go viral or get attention in some way or another.

My only hope is that anyone who is thinking of making a fake ghost video or photograph thinks twice about the implications. If you don’t believe in ghosts or any of that ‘nonsense’ then it’s an excuse to take advantage of the ‘gullible’ people who do. The important thing to remember is that at this point in time, no one knows if ghosts exist or not. You can’t say that they definitely do not. Let the people who care enough to find out if they exist do their job, don’t interfere by coming out with any more fake evidence.

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  1. If I see me a ghost, I’ma shoot it…

    They say ghosts can’t be killed, but no one has reliably tested that theory insofar as I know. I see one, it’s eating a round of .45!

    Of course, if it turns out that the prevailing theory is actually true… I’m be patching me a hole in the wall. 😦

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  2. I agree that most of these photographs and videos are fake. Yet you only speak of “ghosts” and not “spirits.” I have never encountered a ghost visually…but I am sure I have encountered spirits of those deceased through dreams and the oddest premonitions that pop into my head at the oddest times. Perhaps we don’t need to “see” anything to believe.

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    1. I was mainly focusing on ghost videos and pictures, but you’re right, yes people have very bizarre and personal; paranormal experiences, I have had experiences myself. I suppose the reason I wrote about ‘fake’ photographs was because I want to find real evidence, and I don’t know who to trust haha.

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