I am what you’d call an empath, I feel everyone’s pain, even people I don’t know. People who are very empathic, tend to gravitate towards spiritual endeavors and this can include tarot reading. It’s kind of strange that someone who feels so deeply for others would get into a profession which involves a lot of listening to other people’s problems. The desire to help others is so strong and yet these kind of spiritual guidance type professions can be very draining for an empath.

If anyone reading this has had a reading from me, I can guarantee that the reading didn’t just stop at the end of those 20 minutes, or at the end of the email. I went away and thought about you, a lot! sometimes I even have dreams about the people I’ve read for, even the ones I haven’t met. Their problems become my problems, and I’ve been told this is unhealthy and wrong and unprofessional etc etc but in a way, I’m glad I care about the people who come to me for guidance. If I didn’t feel things so deeply, I don’t think I’d be a very good tarot reader. Every tarot reader has their own method. A lot of readers are empaths like me, others can distance themselves well and forget about a client as soon as the reading is over, and that’s fine if it works. I only know that I couldn’t ever learn to do it that way.

Tips for Empathic Tarot Readers

Acknowledge that there’s nothing more you can do

You sometimes have to realise that there is nothing more you can do. You’ve done a decent tarot reading for them and given them some hope. You can’t help them any more than that, because they don’t want you to. They wanted a tarot reading from you, and that is all! If you think of it that way, it can help you unwind after a reading.

Realise that bad things happen to good people

It’s horrible when you get a client who appears so friendly and grateful and then the cards that come out are so negative and depressing. Of course you can still give them hope, there is always hope in the cards, but it still feels horrible having to give them bad news. You have to remember that they came to find out the truth, it’s not just about giving hope. It’s about giving them guidance and truth, and if you have to give someone bad news, remember that it’s beneficial to the client to hear the truth.

Don’t feel Guilty

Sometimes you find that you didn’t make a strong connection with a client, or you had to give a client bad news, or even worse, the client tells you they’re not satisfied, even though you were sure you were getting a good connection. When it comes to not connecting with a client, remember that it happens to every reader at some point. It might be because you just weren’t ‘on’ and it wasn’t coming naturally, or maybe the client had barriers up. Remember that this is a one off! it’s not something that is going to happen to you all the time. If the client isn’t satisfied with your reading, remember that they could change their mind as time goes on. You might not have been wrong, it’s just that you were sensing something that the client hadn’t realised yet.


Whatever technique you use to relax will come in handy after a long day/night of tarot readings. Whether you like to meditate or watch an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ you must remember to concentrate on your needs sometimes. You need to chill out and try and forget about the tarot for a bit. You can always think about it again another time. I usually find that when I put off thinking about some of my recent tarot readings for a while.. by the time I choose to think about it, it’s not as relevant anymore, and it’s less emotionally strenuous.

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