It’s impossible to avoid drawing one of the more negative cards from the tarot. It is an inevitable fact of life that bad things happen to everyone, no matter how lucky you are. It is important to remember that a negative event can have positive lessons and outcomes. Each depressing tarot card has hope and advice. In life you may struggle to deal with negativity. Unhappy tarot cards teach you how to deal with those negative events in a way that is beneficial. I have made a short list of some negative tarot cards to show you that they can also be very positive.

The Tower

The Tower card appears differently in different tarot decks, but there is one important aspect of the tower, it is meant to be built on solid foundations, this is why it is not depicted as a collapsed tower. When you draw the tower card, you’re inclined to think disaster is ahead but what it is actually showing you, is that although things aren’t going well, you still have a lot left to rebuild from.

The Ten Of Swords

The Ten of Swords depicts a man who has been stabbed many times and looks to be definitely dead. It is one of the most depressing looking tarot cards in my opinion. It is of course number 10 and when you reach the end of a tarot suit, it means a completed journey. Even though the man has been stabbed to death, it actually represents a man who has had everything thrown at him until he couldn’t take it anymore, but because he can’t take anymore, there isn’t going to be anymore. His suffering has come to an end. The torturous journey has finished and it can only go up from that point onward.

The Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles paints a picture of someone who is left out and ignored, left in the cold to possibly even die. The card can signify financial loss, job loss or the end of a relationship, it is not a very happy card at all! There is only one slight glimmer of hope and that is all to do with mindset. It implies that the way you feel about a situation is worse than the actual situation itself and those feelings will go with time. You’re going to feel left out and in the cold for a while but this period of despair may end up being beneficial for you in the end.

The Four of Swords

The Four of Swords looks pretty depressing, it seems to display a dead man or an ill man. Sometimes it can represent illness or retreating to dwell on negative thoughts and events. The positive in this is that when it represents a retreat, it is trying to tell you how necessary this might be. Being withdrawn and taking time out from things doesn’t always mean that you’re depressed but it can mean that you’re in need of a break to work things out, it will work in your favour to do some serious thinking. When this card is referring to illness and bed rest, it again means that resting is necessary for you to recover. It is a warning for you not to push yourself when you need to rest.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man doesn’t just look bad, just the name itself doesn’t sound too good either. Much like the four of swords, this card can often mean you need to take some time out to think. It may seem like you’re stuck in limbo or unable to move on or maybe you’re going through a period of being indecisive, but again it proves necessary for you to take time out of the hustle and bustle to evaluate yourself and your future.

The Three of Swords

The suit of swords is in general the most unhappiest of all the suits in my opinion. It’s probably why they’ve cropped up a few times in this article. The three of swords quite obviously represents heartbreak. This can come in many forms and it depends on the querent and the spread you’re doing. The positive in this is that it represents the emergence of a truth that you needed to know. Whether that truth is that your partner is cheating or that you’re going to fall out of love with you partner or job, it is worth knowing so you can move on,

The Five of Cups

The final card I’ll mention here is the five of cups. It looks pretty dark and shows someone looking mournfully at their cups that have tipped over. It can represent loss, but the one good thing here is that they have a few cups left standing, it is a sign that not all is lost! even though you’re going through a tough time, there are still things in your life that you should be grateful for.

Just a quick note about the death card. I didn’t mention it because it is used in many parodies on TV shows and films. It looks like the most depressing card but in fact is very positive.. well that’s what they seem to be implying on these TV shows and films. It of course represents change and this can be a good change but it still can represent the death of something you love or even the death of someone you love.

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